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Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Milwaukee - Shorewood

Design a health care clinic from connected landmark buildings

Ascension acquired what was a former Sendik’s building, considered a community landmark, and transitioned it to a modern family clinic.

EUA was tasked with combining two worn buildings into one cohesive, sleek and modern design that the village of Shorewood and Ascension could be proud of. Differentiating heights between the two buildings posed a challenge; requiring the design team to provide interior leveling and transition solutions. Repurposing materials, the original wood ceiling in the lobby was refinished. The Shorewood location was the first project EUA completed within Ascension’s new standards.

EUA and the contractor collaborated in the field to make equitable solutions for design and construction. This location melds two specialties into one clinic. Each one has its own waiting area, exam rooms and staff work areas. EUA worked alongside two stakeholder groups on this project: Ascension corporate and the physician group.