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Ariens - Plant 1*

Update all office spaces + existing facility to create an enhanced work environment for employees

Ariens’ Plant 1 serves as its corporate headquarters and they needed help to leverage the existing facility and improve overall office conditions. To target the most prudent opportunities for redevelopment, a full capacity analysis was conducted while also assessing deficiencies in training and conference space.

The resulting design solution represented the optimal balance between cost and capacity. It not only sustained the company’s current work standards and foreseeable needs, but also created additional capacity to support continued growth, as well as more flexible teaming configurations. Existing plant floor space was optimized and a contiguous, previously underutilized area was re-purposed. An additional “plant square” was created, allowing employees to interact and access food services, now fittingly positioned between offices and manufacturing plant.

A new main entrance was also developed, reflecting Ariens’ strong, neighborly brand to passersby, customers, employees, vendors and guests. Further efficiencies were created by reconfiguring the main entrance, allowing for the segregation of truck and passenger vehicle circulation and parking.