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Annex Wealth Management

Showcase brand identity while complimenting the luxury hotel’s own brand standards

Located within the historic 5-star Pfister Hotel, EUA helped Annex Wealth Management design their new corporate office in Milwaukee. Optimizing the limited real estate, the design team applied creative programming solutions to accommodate all of Annex’s needs.

Working within the historic building there were several structural hurdles that the design team was able to leverage without compromising on design. One design element of the space that was important to Annex was brand visibility at street level. By incorporating large exterior glass windows, passerbys would be able to see into their space while they record their podcasts giving tips and advice on money management.

Supporting the sensitive nature of Annex’s work, privacy was important and as a result, offices were doubled-walled and have laminated glass to help deaden sound along with motorized window shades for all the retail level glass windows when needed.