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Affiliated Construction Services (ACS)

Create a welcoming space for all employees in both the manufacturing + office areas

ACS specializes in designing and building custom laboratories and noise / vibration facilities. They also work in the design and creation of production lines, custom process equipment as well as automation and control systems.

After a flood displaced the staff into multiple different facilities, ACS worked with EUA to design a new building that would accommodate all aspects of their company. Employees were involved in the planning and design of the new building throughout the process. The new building brings the manufacturing and office spaces together both visually and physically.

The manufacturing space occupies nearly 75% of the new building and houses the Factory Acceptance Testing (F.A.T.) space, electrical, fabrication and machine shops. The space was built for climate-control and large enough so a flatbed truck can drive in and have materials loaded and unloaded using overhead cranes.

The manufacturing and office spaces were aligned linearly and connected by a hallway. This hallway allows for easy access to both parts of the space and keeps the employees connected.