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Tom Stacey RA, AIA

Senior Project Manager : Associate

Tom Stacey

I get to work with really talented people and in my role, I manage both the teams’ and client’s goals making sure we are all moving in step together and ensuring we are meeting expectations. I add value to the projects I lead, by not losing sight of our original goals and always keeping an eye on what is needed for the specific project at hand. In my free time, I enjoy cycling and like to correlate principles of that with how I manage projects. During the design process, each person on the team gets to take the lead at some point, similar to that of team time trials in cycling. Everyone has to do their part to make sure the end result is what the client envisioned. At the end of the day, I like to make the process fun for all involved, making the journey (or ride) the most enjoyable it can be.

Market: Workplace | Industrial Community

“I’d describe Tom’s communication skills, both verbal and written, as excellent. There was a constant flow of email and phone contact throughout the project. Nothing fell through the cracks at all.”
James Lee, Director of Technical Facilities, Time Warner Cable