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Steven Garcia-Montoya EIT

Mechanical Engineer

Steven Garcia-Montoya

As a Mechanical Engineer, I've enjoyed working on projects of various scales in multiple sectors, including DoD, higher education, industrial and even fugitive emission capture. No matter the industry or unique engineering challenge, I dedicate myself to doing everything I can to ensure project success. In addition to the HVAC and plumbing design I do, I am passionate about optimizing workflow efficiency and organization using task automation. Leveraging technology to problem solve and optimize workflows is something I've enjoyed throughout my career. It is perhaps what drew me to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Utilizing energy analysis tools is something I relish when given a chance. Working with our engineering team to help clients compare energy consumption and the energy costs of design alternatives is fulfilling. When I'm not working, I enjoy listening to riddle podcasts, playing DnD with friends, messing around mechanically with cars (and frequenting junk yards), and drinking iced coffee, irrespective of weather conditions!  

Market: Workplace | Higher Education | Industrial