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Steve Holzhauer AIA

Project Development : Principal

Steve Holzhauer

I love good design. Building is a unique experience and the result changes people’s lives. My passion is to help people find joy planning and building new facilities. I bring diverse skills best applied to facilitating a project team to produce a design that is delightful, affordable and durable. Drawing on my design and management background, I contribute knowledge from past projects and innovative design ideas. A true collaborator, I enjoy working with others, facilitating ideas to create strategic options that can achieve each client’s unique goals. Stemming from my strong interest in technology, I am incredibly excited to offer input that includes new technologies, materials and building systems.

Expert Insights
Market: Science + Technology


“Steve has been everything we could have asked for and more.  He is so in tune with our needs and knows when to speak up, when to just listen and how to get us moving forward.  He is incredibly responsive to everything we need.”
Tom Dyer, Vice President of Corporate Services, Northwestern Mutual