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Ryan Kaput PE

Structural Engineer

Ryan Kaput

After 9 years of working in the industry, I’m excited to join EUA as a structural engineer. I enjoy understanding client’s needs and then using my technical skills and code knowledge to help solve a problem that they’ve been facing. I am passionate about the construction side of things as well and try to make sure my designs have an eye for the lowest installed cost. I envision how each part of my design will be handled from the shop to its final installed location. Designing this way gets ahead of as many potential conflicts and creates a smoother project for all team members involved. I am very excited to work as a part of EUA’s in-house integrated design team. I believe having the ability to do this coordination in-house gets everyone involved sooner which ultimately delivers a better product to the client.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing fetch with my dog, camping, drinking craft beer, and watching Chicago Bears games.