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Peter Kucha RA

Senior Project Manager : Principal

Peter Kucha

I get excited to come into work knowing every day will be a new challenge. Whether it’s tenant improvements, or fresh ground up work, there is always some sort of variety. In my role as Senior Project Manager, I’m the captain of the ship. I make sure the team is sticking to their commitments, while being highly functional in an orderly way. I tend to think of myself as easy to work with and always seek input from others. I look to the team to help provide expertise and foster the design process. While not at work, I enjoy playing tennis, running, or just taking a stroll down to the lake.

Market: Workplace | Industrial

“Peter is a good listener with an ability to help clients understand the process. His depth of expertise was obvious; he gave us exactly the options and solutions we needed.”
Don Bernhardt, Project Manager, GE Healthcare