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Michelle Olsen ASID

Senior Interior Designer

Michelle Olsen

As an Interior Designer, my job is to translate the client’s vision for the look, feel, and function of the space into a design that is uniquely theirs. By working directly with clients and architects, I am able to ensure brand cohesion from the exterior to the interior of a building. By asking questions and listening, I get down to the heart of what clients want their space experience to be. During my extensive design career, I have learned lessons during each project that I apply to my current work to improve results each time. With a focus on branding in my design, I use non-traditional, cost effective materials in unique ways to help clients translate their story through their space. In addition to interior design, I also have a passion for fashion, food and art. I enjoy traveling and my favorite past time is downhill skiing, a hobby I picked up when I was 7 years old. 

Market: Workplace

"It has been a pleasure working with Michelle. She is highly professional, helpful and creative. I appreciate her ability to listen and deliver what is best for our project."
Clint Dusenbery, Facilities Manager, Secura