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Melissa M Rudolph RA

Senior Project Manager

Melissa M Rudolph

Managing the entire process – the team, workload, budget and schedule is my primary responsibility as a Project Manager. Complex projects with varying layers of needs are some of my favorites, as I love the challenge of bringing many facets and stakeholders together.  What we do is truly rewarding and for a moment in time, we become family. When I see the excitement of clients and tenants in the built environment, it makes the entire process worthwhile. You can count on me to bring a unique perspective and successfully lead the project all the way to the finish line. When I am not at work, I love to run, work out and watch my son play baseball.


Market: Healthcare

"Melissa directs the process like a professional. It makes my job a lot simpler knowing the projects are being managed well."
Jerry Peterson, Project Manager, Medxcel