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Meghan Bentheimer NCIDQ

Interior Designer

Meghan Bentheimer

One of my greatest strengths is that, by nature, I am thorough. I strive not to just find an answer, but find the right answer for my clients. I truly believe design has the power to shape the human experience, and that as a designer it’s my responsibility and privilege to shape environments that will enhance the user experience. With this mindset, I make myself the “right hand” of the Principals and Project Managers I support, exploring options, tracking details and listening to clients throughout the entirety of a project. Much of my work style has been influenced by my time doing a work abroad program in Ireland as part of my Undergrad. While there I worked as part of a small team and learned early how to wear many hats, which is a skill that continues to aid me today.

Markets: Workplace

"Meghan is wonderful to work with, Talented, professional, attentive and caring about customers' needs and end goals."
Gretchen Rosenberg, President / CEO, Kentwood Real Estate