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Meghan Bentheimer NCIDQ, IIDA

Interior Designer

Meghan Bentheimer

One of my greatest strengths is that, by nature, I am thorough. I strive not to just find an answer, but find the right answer for my clients. In being able to move seamlessly between both the big picture and the more focused, detail work, I am able to design a unique space that meets their needs. I truly believe design has the power to shape the human experience and that as a designer it’s my responsibility and privilege to shape environments that will enhance the user experience. With this mindset, I often take on a lead role in the interior design or work in partnership with the Design Architects, exploring options, tracking details and listening to clients throughout the entirety of a project. Much of my work style has been influenced by my time doing a work abroad program in Ireland as part of my Undergrad. While there I worked as part of a small team and learned early how to wear many hats, which is a skill that continues to aid me today.

Markets: Workplace

"Meghan was a joy to work with! She was very professional, reliable and knowledgeable about her craft. She communicated clearly and problem-solved well with the entire team. I appreciated that I could count on her to get things done. Meghan has an excellent sense of design, while still being common-sense and approachable. I’d love to work with her and the EUA team again."
Jessica Di Martino / Cresa