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Megan Kocchi

Marketing Leader

Megan Kocchi

I’m motivated by the prospect of helping EUA succeed. Working for a company that values people and provides valuable services makes it easy for me to be inspired. As a Marketing Leader, I support our various markets in strategy development, pushing our teams to be proactive in recognizing opportunities, and shaping our messaging to be direct to the client’s needs. As a leader, I am organized and accountable, conveying a direct yet kind approach in my communications with others. In addition to my role at EUA, I am the current President of the Wisconsin chapter of SMPS (Society of Marketing Professional Services), which has allowed me to connect with other marketers within the AEC industry and strengthen my passion for my career. Beyond vocation, I think it is important to find time to do what you love, and for me that is spending time with my family and watching my son Calvin grow. I also enjoy working out, reading, gardening and getting some fresh air no matter the season.

"I feel very fortunate to have worked under Megan. Her support, honest feedback and willingness to coach and teach has had a huge impact on my growth and overall professional development."
Gina Wollner, former EUA Marketing Coordinator