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Mark Lewandowski AIA

Senior Project Manager

Mark Lewandowski

I still remember in 4th grade when I was asked the age-old question of what I wanted to be when I grew up; even then I had my eye on becoming an architect. Observing my dad as a draftsman, I was constantly exposed to his work and curious about his projects. Now as a Senior Project Manager, I get to work on projects, leading the team to keep things moving forward. Managing the timing between my team and the consultants, I make sure the client stays informed and involved throughout the process. Working in the Learning Environments Studio, it is always exciting to see the reactions students have to their new environments. I have worked on a number of public and faith-based schools and I have really enjoyed seeing the impact that a new or improved school can have on an entire community. Outside of work I am a taxi driver for my kids and participate in their activities like little league, swimming and other sports. On my own, I enjoy a nice round of golf and working on different projects around the house.

 Market: WorkplaceIndustrial  Learning

"Mark has consistently taken time to explain things that may be clear to him, but not to us. He never made us feel that we were incompetent."
Shirley Lamerand, Business Administrator, St. Charles School