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Landis Belott

Project Specialist

Landis Belott

The first time I saw and touched a building I designed in real life I was hooked. I’ve wanted to be an architect since I was 9 years old so being a Project Specialist at EUA makes me feel extremely lucky and appreciative. My role is very production driven and I am typically responsible for construction documents, including MEP and client coordination. I’m looking forward to growing my skillsets as they translate from the learning market to the workplace market. I like to listen and take in as much as I can and I will not hesitate to help wherever I’m needed and capable.

I have an eclectic range of hobbies to fill up my free time outside of work. I enjoy making and owning art, working with my hands by model-making or cooking from scratch, being active through sports leagues year round and working on my car in the summertime. Most of these are made more enjoyable by amazing friends and family.

Market: Workplace