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Kyle Holtz RA

Project Architect

Kyle Holtz

Early in my career, I was put on several housing projects. What started as assignments evolved into a specialty and passion. I believe the spaces we live in—even just for a night, such as a hotel—can have a profound impact on a person’s experience, comfort level and well-being. Typically, my role on projects involves focusing on the details, figuring out the logistics of how everything will ultimately come together and take shape. My clients and teammates can expect me to be really knit picky (in a good way!) and organized. It’s really gratifying to dive deeply into a project from the early stages of construction to occupancy and even begin to impact a city.

I spent the last few years working at a firm in Chicago and am very excited to be back in my hometown of Milwaukee. Outside of work, I love spending time outdoors as well as learning about Milwaukee history and exploring all the neighborhoods that have continued to evolve.

Market: Living