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Kris Johnson

IT Systems Support Specialist

Kris Johnson

What I enjoy about being an IT Systems Support Specialist is that I handle a wide variety of tasks, allowing me to have greater responsibilities and become increasingly more of a well-rounded member of the Technology Support Team. I am all about team work. I really enjoy collaborating with others, whether learning new things from them or sharing my own knowledge and experiences. From my time in the Air Force, to working with my department at EUA, and from my family at home, I’ve learned that no single person can do it all themselves. Being heavily involved with computers at work, I try to create a balance by being more hands on at home, like working on the house and fixing old motorcycles. My wife and I also spend a lot of intentional time with our two daughters, teaching them to be independent women and foster their own creativity, and taking care of our three chickens, three cats, dog and bunny.

Thinking of the User as doing something dumb disposes you to think negatively. Thinking of the User as struggling to handle something difficult encourages you to help them through their distress.