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Kim Frerichs RA, LEED AP

Education Planner : Senior Design Architect

Kim Frerichs

As an Education Planner, I work with school districts, teachers and users on programming and planning, creating design concepts for their facilities. It's really important to me to understand how spaces will be used so that I can make sure the planning and design supports modern approaches to learning yet are flexible for the future. The best part of my job is merging function with beauty to create places that inspire students to learn and grow. In my personal time, I do a lot of knitting, sewing and yoga; inspiring my approach to design. When I'm working on a project, for myself or at work, it's important to be mindful that each piece will contain some imperfections, but that it's always best to rip back, unravel or redesign when things just aren't working. Flexibility and deep breathing are always useful to maintain a cool head throughout!

Expert Insights
Market: Learning

"Kim asks the right questions to understand the needs of the client. She thinks outside of the box to meet those needs, offering many options and plans to consider. She is professional, approachable and a pleasure to work with."
Pam Hammen, Principal, Verona Area School District