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Kelsey A. Webb

Project Specialist : Student Outreach

Kelsey A. Webb

Growing up in a bilingual, multi-cultural household, I learned the importance of listening to understand, patience to share knowledge and managing ongoing assumptions and expectations; all of which have influenced my life and work today. An architect’s ability to influence experiences is endless. In my role I have the opportunity to design and help shape the world for people of all ages, backgrounds, interests and passions. I work on all stages of a project, from conceptual rendering to detailing, from product research to client engagement and from field verification to community outreach. In addition to design, I have a passion for measurable physical excursion such as kickboxing, CrossFit, long-distance running and cycling, with a focus on achieving mental and physical strength. I also enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with family.

Market: Workplace | CommunityLiving

"Kelsey's turnaround and responsiveness on submittals, RFIs and other issues has been appropriately supportive of the schedule."
Sheri Murphy, Vice President - Services + Administration, Acuity Insurance