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Justo Banaag

Senior Project Manager : Associate

Justo Banaag

People I work with would describe me as patient, reasonable and meticulous, all traits that aid my Senior Project Manager role on the team. When I manage a project, I place high importance on making sure everyone involved is on the same page. Along with ensuring that my team is always on task, I put team members in the best possible position where their individual talents and expertise can be realized to their fullest potential. By nature, my approach to managing projects is proactive rather than reactive, which plays to my advantage as a leader. I take time to gather information and understand facts before moving forward in order to make informed decisions that create the best possible outcomes. Outside of work, I enjoy every moment that I can with my family, whether it be in the backyard, visiting the city, or attending youth sporting events year-round.

Market: Workplace

"Justo embodies all of the qualities you want in an architect: meticulous, timely, and an unwavering professionalism even in the most challenging of circumstances.”
Marla Regan, VP of Real Estate + Facilities Robert W. Baird + Co. Inc.