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Ian McAteer RA, NCARB

Senior Project Architect

Ian McAteer

With the constantly evolving and shifting Healthcare industry, there is rarely a dull day. As a Senior Project Architect, my responsibilities bridge many aspects of a project and I find my passion lies with building detailing (mostly shell and core, but I do enjoy the occasional challenging interior detail) and Construction Administration. As a wise man once told me, “A positive design process will keep ‘us’ in the client’s mind, but being there during construction and helping them foster the realization of that idea will keep them coming back.” An ideal I try to live up to with every project. So what is it like working with me, well…I am a straight-shooter whose candid honesty and gruff exterior is offset by a quirky sense of humor and a warm, gooey center of understanding (I’m an east-coaster after all).

Markets: Healthcare | Aerospace

"Ian was the right Architect for the job."
Mark Matsen, Construction Project Manager, Medxcel