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Heather Turner Loth MCR.w

Business Development Practice Leader : Associate

Heather Turner Loth

I love people! Meeting new people, building relationships, supporting my network and helping bridge connections wherever I can is a part of my DNA and ways I find complete joy in my day to day role! I’m also obsessed with workplace culture and its impact on organizations and their employees, students, staff or occupants. In fact, I have become an Expert Contributor for the Wellness Council of Wisconsin to share my knowledge with others on this. I am so grateful to get my daily inspiration from the amazing culture and dedicated talent at EUA. The passion of my colleagues has elevated my knowledge of the ways design can have a positive impact on the culture of an organization; increasing the ability to attract, engage and retain top talent. Design has the ability to elevate the potential of people! I am at my best when I am helping my clients strategize and plan for their future goals and objectives, resulting in impactful design solutions that enable them to achieve their goals. Work should be fun, right? I like to keep things light, bringing a smile and laugh to every meeting. When I’m not raising my two amazing kids, you’ll find me holding a camera, taking a dance class or traveling to experience something in a new culture.

Expert Insights
Market: Workplace 
Service: Workplace Strategy

"With Heather's leadership, we brought together a diverse group of our company's leaders culminating in the articulation of our brand values. She has the ability to drive consensus with enthusiasm."
Joan Shafer, Former EVP, Human Resources + Organizational Effectiveness, WEC Energy Group