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Gillian Hallock Johnson LEED AP ID+C


Gillian Hallock Johnson

I am passionate about interior design for so many reasons, primarily because of the positive impact a space can make on people’s lives. As lead designer my job is to capture the essence of a company’s culture and work style in order to realize a beautiful and high performing space. I believe in the power of collective thinking as well as the unique individual point of view, so I nurture and emphasize that balance among the design team and client while in ‘design mode’ to elevate the process and gain as much insight as possible. As a result each project’s design is extremely different, allowing the client’s personality to permeate the space.

My love for design permeates my life. Outside of the studio I relish all of the ingenuity found in nature, and try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains. But my greatest passions are Italy, Italian architecture, and the Italian language. Every year I travel to Italy to renew this passion, which thankfully, my husband also shares!

Market: Workplace

"Gillian and her team have become trusted advisors to our firm. She has invested in getting to who we are and how we work. Bottom line – Gillian gets us!”
Thomas R. O’Donnell, Managing Partner, Holland + Hart