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Eric Slifer

Science + Technology Specialist

Eric Slifer

Designing spaces that allow engineers, researchers, scientists and technicians to uncover new findings or discover cures is such an amazing opportunity. As a Lab Planner, I have the pleasure of interacting with really smart people, listening to a myriad of subject matter experts as they describe their day-to-day job requirements to understand how the physical space supports it. I enjoy the challenge of designing a lab, looking for new solutions that best fit the needs of the individuals that will be using it, and knowing that these spaces support important instructional or R&D scientific work that shapes our future. When I’m not at work and the weather permits you’ll find me outside riding my motorcycle with my camera, finding art in nature.

Expert Insights
Market: Science and Technology

"Eric provided excellent suggestions, ideas and guidance throughout the projects design, planning and construction process. The result was a larger, modern, fully functional clinical laboratory that the end users and facility are especially happy to be using."
Brendan McLaughlin, Project Manager, Middleton VA Hospital