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Eric Romano AIA, EIT, LEED AP

Workplace Studio Director : Principal

Eric Romano

As the Workplace Studio Director, I support my team, making sure they have the resources they need while also applying my expertise by giving feedback on projects across the studio. I have a great team and I feel very fortunate that I love the people I work with. What’s really fun is being able to be an active participant in projects whether as Client Executive or Design Lead; I am really passionate about an integrated design – meaning that it looks at all aspects of design. Sustainable solutions that promote wellness, with balanced technical and aesthetic features that in essence create a building that is a fine-tuned mechanism to support the people who use the space day in and out. When I am on a team you can expect honesty, passion and a knack for solving problems, but I understand that our project success relies 100% on client and stakeholder communication, which is why I thrive in a collaborative team environment.

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Market: Workplace | Industrial 

“Because Eric Romano is also an engineer, he really relates well with our team of engineers as we look to create new spaces and showcase our brand.”
Steve Tkachuk, Facilities and Real Estate Manager, Briggs & Stratton Corporation