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Chris Michaud RA, LEED AP

Senior Design Architect : Associate

Chris Michaud

I believe good design comes from an understanding of a space's purpose, and creatively expressing the idea of that purpose, grounded in function. When I work with a client to design their school, I make it a point to really listen to what they are saying, to notice the pride in their voices regarding the different aspects of their community; I want to know about their background, experiences and what the history of the area is to fully understand what it means to be a member of their community. I try to always bring something new and exciting that relates to and tells the story of that particular community. When it comes to architecture, I believe it is important that we create optimal environments for learning that enhance the lives of the students and staff, creating a dynamic and future-ready school. Outside of work I am a mountain biker, and like to ride trails whenever I get the chance. Most of the time this is riding trails close to home, but every so often I find the time to travel to other destinations to ride.

Expert Insights

“Chris has done a great job listening to our staff and helping them understand that their insights and feelings are critical to the success of our project.”
Michael A. Nowak, Principal, Franklin High School