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Bissan Salloum

Project Specialist

Bissan Salloum

What I love about architecture and interiors is that it’s constantly evolving—I will never be done learning, there is no cap or point of arrival at which you’ve mastered everything. What I love about where I work specifically is the people. My coworkers are not just that—they have become more like friends or even family. When working with me, people can expect someone who’s hard working and committed. I consistently put forth my best efforts, be it a big or small job, as I am not one to cut corners. I especially love working with people from various cultural backgrounds, something that became a norm for me when given the opportunity to work overseas for over two years in Abu Dhabi. While there, I learned to push the architectural design envelope further and think in a more conceptual waya mindset that aids my work now. I enjoy being creative both at and outside of work through painting abstract art and playing guitar and piano—areas that, like architecture, I will always be learning and seeking to improve.

Market: Workplace

"Bissan had a big part of working through challenges, being professional and helping make the space awesome! The Executive team is thrilled with the project and I look forward to doing the next one with Bissan."
David Fritzler, Senior Project Manager, Task PM