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Alex Vite

Project Assistant

Alex Vite

As a recent graduate from the Master of Architecture program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I am passionate about the future of architecture and the possibilities of revitalizing existing buildings and developing net zero energy structures. I believe good design starts with considering the well-being of people who will ultimately use these spaces. I am is particularly interested in exploring the factors that contribute to designing an engaging and healthy workplace, especially in the context of the changing dynamics resulting from the pandemic and the rise of remote and hybrid work environments. In my role as a Project Assistant at EUA, I am excited to collaborate with colleagues, learn from their expertise, and engage with clients to create meaningful and impactful designs.

Outside of the office, I keep busy with various activities. I enjoy playing football (soccer), riding my bike, and spending time outdoors. I also love learning new skills, listening to music, and cherishing moments with friends.