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Milwaukee Area Learning Circle Recap: 5 Drivers to an Engaged Workplace

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On June 8th, Wellbeing Strategists and People Leaders throughout Wisconsin attended WCWI (Wellness Council of Wisconsin) 2nd in-person Learning Circle this year. Together at EUA's office in Milwaukee, guests learned from Heather Turner Loth and Brady Mick who guided everyone through a discussion and activity around the 5 drivers to an engaged workplace.

5 Drivers to an Engaged Workforce

Guests learned from an EUA employee and WCWI Expert Contributor and a recent study from Gallup that 36%-1/3 of the workforce actually want to be at their job. This means there is roughly 1/3 engagement at work. Across the industry channels, employee retention and recruitment is the hot topic and top priority for most organizations right now. The "Great Resignation" is all too familiar for many of Wisconsin's employers.  

What does this have to do with worksite wellness? How does this impact employees? What can we do about it? 

At this month's Learning Circle, guests learned that the 5 drivers of an engaged workforce are: 

  1. Wellbeing: Access to nature, enclosures and a safe space for peace, amenities + support such as mother's rooms.
  2. Safety + Security: Ergonomics, acoustics which allow for greater focus, avoiding whisper culture and looking at psychological safety. 
  3. Brand / Identity: Experiential, displaying the work that has been created by teams, personalization-your personal brand (especially important in a Zoom world)
  4. Knowledge Sharing: Mobility-are you able to move around easily to collaborate with staff? Proximity to be near teams and interaction + retreat in order to connect and then find quiet to process and work.
  5. Trust + Empowerment: This is the top of the pyramid. Let employees be their best selves, model behavior, provide a variety of spaces and work settings, provide employees control and choice over their work environment, give flexibility and autonomy over the flexible space. 

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