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Meet EUA's Green Bay and Atlanta Office

EUA employees from all five offices.
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We are proud to introduce 55 talented members from our Green Bay and Atlanta office. Each individual plays an important role within our EUA team, strengthening in numbers to provide our clients with the best experience, elevating people's potential and the spaces they surround themselves in. 

Meet our Green Bay team: 

Aaron Kiesau | Senior Project Architect

Alex Tessen | HVAC Designer

Brian Beth | Senior Project Manager : Associate

Brian Netzel | Green Bay Studio Director : Principal

Brittany Fisher | Human Resource Generalist 

Carolyn Glime | Senior Planner + Architect 

Cole Sladky | Project Architect 

Dallas Borski | Project Specialist 

Dayna Klein | Environmental Branding Specialist 

Doug Page | Vice President : Principal 

Emma Gill | Design Architect 

Erin Peters | Senior Design Architect

Heidi Funk | Senior Interior Designer 

James Frelich | Project Specialist | Engineer 

Jennifer Kalies | Marketing Director : Associate 

Jill Schneider | EUA Ambassador 

Juli Simonet | Senior Plumbing Designer | Project Manager 

Kevin Klarkowski | Senior Structural Engineer 

Matt Marek | Director of Engineering : Principal 

Matt Van Lanen | Senior Project Manager 

McKaela Hannah | Project Specialist | Engineering 

Megan Schaffer | Marketing Coordinator

Michael Babbitts | Design Architect 

Mike Lewis | IT Specialist 

Nick Grahl | Structural Engineer 

Noah Borski | Project Assistant | Engineering

Paul Hudson | Senior Project Specialist 

Paul Janssen | Senior Project Manager 

Ryan Bakke | Senior Design Architect 

Scott Wohr | Senior Marketing Specialist 

Stephanie Wetzel | Project Specialist | Interior

Steve Gruesen | Architectural 3D | VR Specialist 

Todd Hietpas | Project Development 

Tonya Dittman | Engagement Specialist



Meet our Atlanta team: 

Adam Karabenli | Structural Engineer

Ben Charlesworth | Mechanical Engineer 

Gavin Rinaldo | Structural Engineer

Jamie Guzick | Project Architect 

Patrick Johnson | Electrical EIT

Steven Garcia-Montoya | Mechanical Engineer