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2021 Top 10 Healthcare Insights

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Every year, our Healthcare Studio experts share their
insights on relevant topics impacting the built environment.
Below we've highlighted our Top 10 Insights from 2021.

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Reasons to Invest in Health Care
Employee Retention

Stress and burnout are not new phenomena in the healthcare industry and consistently contribute to challenges with workforce shortages. 
(Originally published in CREJ's Healthcare Quarterly) >>
Infusing Sustainability into Architectural Design
5 strategies that can reduce the impact of healthcare buildings on the environment.
Small Scale, Big Solutions
Discover five current trends in micro-hospital design and operations and what the future may bring in this collaborative article between EUA and Covider, a nationally leading micro hospital operator.
(Originally published in Medical Construction & Design) >>
A Lack Of Density Does Not
Equal A Lack Of Need

Hear from Ed Anderson on how rural health has largely gone overlooked. (Originally published in CREJ's Healthcare Quarterly)

Learn more >>
Designing for Patient Access to Improve the Care Experience
Kristin Dufek, EUA's President, joined MGMA Insights Podcast to discuss how healthcare can be improved through design when focused on patient access.
The Closing Window of Influence to Re-Shape the Healthcare Industry
While COVID-19 has impacted and disrupted healthcare delivery, the window of influence will ultimately be closing and the final decisions shaping the future of healthcare have yet to be made.
Finding the Right Space for Your ASC
“So, can it be done?” A healthcare client asked me this question after we surveyed a building they were considering for a new specialty care procedure center and clinic. The building was in the exact location they were looking for and it was the perfect size. There was just one hang-up: it was a car dealership and auto shop. (Originally published in ASC Magazine) 
It's Okay to Sweat The Small Stuff:
EUA's T.J. Beebe and Ian McAteer faced many challenges throughout the complex process of renovating over 20 pharmacies for USP797-800 compliance. Here are the 7 key takeaways from their experience.

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Embrace Disruption Instead
of Forced Reinvention

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic brought major disruptions to all industries, see how they will affect healthcare design as a whole. >>
The Benefits of VR in Architecture Design
Learn how Virtual Reality (VR) can positively impact healthcare design. (Originally published in CREJ's Healthcare Quarterly)
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