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New Elementary School Breaks Ground in Wisconsin

New Elementary School Breaks Ground in Wisconsin Banner Image

Oconomowoc, WI, June 1, 2018 – The Meadow View Elementary School will hold a ground-breaking ceremony on Friday, June 1 to celebrate the kickoff of their school construction project as a part of the successful November 2016 referendum. Oconomowoc Area School District (OASD) staff, parents, students, community members, Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA), Oliver Construction and Nicholas & Associates will participate in the festivities.

EUA was selected to design the new 112,000 sq ft elementary school to accommodate 675 students and will include open classrooms with moveable glass walls, administration spaces, and a cafeteria with a social stair and stage area. The design supports contemporary learning environments through the use of increased daylighting, a focus on collaboration and ensuring a high degree of flexibility to support current and future learning needs.

On April 9, the OASD School Board approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) of $27,320,000 for the new school. This cost is $1.01 million below the pre-referendum budget, attributable to a competitive bid environment. Meadow View Elementary School construction project is on track with work beginning in April 2018 and a completion date of August 2019.

Since the start of the facility referendum process in 2016, the OASD has had a strong partnership with the City of Oconomowoc and St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church. In January 2017, the OASD School Board secured a contract to purchase 20.2 acres of land off Brown Street/Hwy P, for the new Meadow View School. This location is approximately one mile south of the current school site and directly adjacent to a property owned by St. Matthew’s.

With both locations lying within the City of Oconomowoc, and both directly adjacent to each other, it made sense for OASD, St. Matthew’s and the City to work in partnership to develop the corridor. This partnership will result in a new Meadow View School, new St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and School, and new City of Oconomowoc Park, all equipped with complete roadways and sidewalks along with city sewer and electric.

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