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Eppstein Uhen Foundation Presents 2020 $5K Grant to Briarpatch Youth Services

Eppstein Uhen Foundation Presents 2020 $5K Grant to Briarpatch Youth Services Banner Image

MADISON, WI, June 25, 2020 — EUA, on behalf of the Eppstein Uhen Foundation, presented the third $5,000 installment of a $15,000 grant awarded over a three-year period to Briarpatch Youth Services in Dane County. 

The Eppstein Uhen Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of people in the communities where we live and work. To provide help where it is needed most with an emphasis on our youth, developing the skills or experiences that foster long-term growth beyond the life of the help given. “We are proud to be supporting an organization that is having a positive impact on the Dane County Community by strengthening the lives of youth and families,” John Chapman, EUA’s Madison Studio Director, states. 

Briarpatch Youth Services offers services to run away, homeless and at-risk youth. Working closely with local governments and other non-profit organizations, Briarpatch provides unique programs that fill service gaps. Each year, Briarpatch serves approximately 3,000 unduplicated youth. With the funding received from the Eppstein Uhen Foundation, Briarpatch will help provide first time work experience for youth facing barriers to employment. Working in teams over six-week increments, these groups will work on community-based projects, such as developing and conducting community needs assessments, building and maintaining community gardens, distributing garden products to local food pantries and low-income community residents, conservation projects as well as meeting other community’s specific needs. Alongside hands on work experience, participants will also receive employment and financial literacy training. Program success is measured by quantitative data as well as by the Wisconsin Employability Skills Certificate, which tracks participants’ growth in 13 key competencies related to employment skills. Additionally, Briarpatch tracks the amount of school credit that is earned by participants by working closely with Madison Metropolitan School District staff throughout the year.

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