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Tuesday, September 15 at 10AM CST | VIRTUAL EVENT

Pandemics are public health challenges that put enormous stress on healthcare workers, supplies, processes and facilities. Recognizing that all of these must be part of our strategy for improvement, and applying our expertise in facility design, EUA has been focusing on potential changes to architectural and interior design. Our primary focus has been on areas where there is already momentum for change, because that is where we anticipate the best adoption. We see several approaches working in concert to further improve our ability to minimize communicable disease transmission. These include long-term pandemic considerations and short-term pandemic considerations like reducing patient presentations at the facility, isolating infectious patients who do present, improving the facility’s ability to prevent the spread of infection and providing surge capacity for high volume episodes. During this discussion EUA’s Healthcare experts will be fielding questions on the ongoing and upcoming shifts they see in healthcare facility planning.

Cassidy Wartenweiler

Kristin Dufek, AIA, ACHE, LEED AP
Paul Stefanski, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP

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