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SAGE Webinar

Join Loraine Hiatt, Jeffrey Anderzhon, FAIA Senior Planner / Design Architect as he presents this webinar, hosted by SAGE, on Households Version 2.0: A Discussion of Operations and Architecture

Thursday, September 19, 2017
12:00 PM

Course Description:
Building upon the success of a previous presentation, this session provides an in-depth analysis of the link between environmental aspects and operational efficiencies in long-term care settings. Many communities struggle with existing care environments for older adults that are outdated and do not support contemporary operational models. Yet numerous designs (e.g., household/neighborhood models) have been claimed as complete solutions for the issues faced by care providers. The success of innovative layouts are dependent on an integrative design process. This presentation offers participants an understanding of trends from an operational and physical environment perspective that are critical to ensure the ongoing vitality of your community.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the physical environment impacts direct caregiving, staffing, food service, and social interaction.
  • Learn about trends that are helping to shape the physical environment, care program, and operations.
  • Discuss and appraise contemporary architectural designs created for older adult care environments and the operational methodology assumed for those layouts.
  • Gain knowledge through interactive discussion focusing on participant experiences with their own operational and environmental designs.

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