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2016 WASB Annual Convention

2016 WASB Annual Convention Banner Image

WHAT: More than 500 Wisconsin school leaders attend the WASB Annual Convention each year to learn relevant and timely information and develop important connections.

WHERE: Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WHEN: January 20-22, 2016

WHO: Many EUA Learning Environments representatives will be in attendance to discuss your district's needs.

WHY: We look forward to learning more about you and your learning environment and community engagement needs. We believe that architecture has the power to unleash true human potential. We understand the impact that can be made by responding to the needs of the teachers, students, administration and community who are touched by the environments we create. Please visit our experts at booth 419 to learn more about EUA and how we can support your district’s goals.


Thursday, January 21 - 8:45amTeresa Wadzinski & Bob Morris present "Evaluation of Innovation in Elementary School Design"

What does a modern learning environment really look like? How does it function as a venue for multiple methods of teaching and unique learning styles? And, how does Lake Mills know it is making a difference for students and teachers? Join the education-design team from Lake Mills School District and Eppstein Uhen Architects as they share first-year experiences and outcomes of building an innovative new elementary school in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

Presenters will provide illustrations and examples of designs that promote learning in and outside of the classroom and opened opportunities for students and teachers not previously possible. Lake Mills’ administrators will also share first-year experiences, goals and metrics for evaluation as well as feedback from teachers and students.

Speaker(s): Eric Dufek, Eppstein Uhen Architects; Bob Morris, Eppstein Uhen Architects; Dean Sanders, Lake Mills Area; Amanda Thompson, Lake Mills Area; Teresa Wadzinski, Eppstein Uhen Architects

Room/Facility: 201A/Wisconsin Center

Three ideas participants will take away from presentation:

1. The impact of creative, adaptable design and flexible furniture to support teaching and learning.
2. How to set goals and develop metrics for success with transformative spaces.
3. Understanding first year experiences and the lessons learned from administrative, teaching and student perspectives.

Thursday, January 21 - 10:45amKit Dailey presents "Trust Building through Community-Based Advisory Committees" 

Understanding the potential of a community-based advisory committee to provide insight and valuable feedback to your district is key to building relationships and making informed decisions. Consider the impact of engaging the right people, at the right time, to build understanding of your initiatives, needs and future plans. Oconomowoc’s Building Our Future Facilities Advisory Committee is a 60-member group of district residents consisting of parents, seniors, business and municipal leaders, and staff. Join Oconomowoc Area School District (OASD) and Eppstein Uhen Architects for an interactive discussion about the power of trust-building, the value of collective wisdom and the ongoing journey of OASD’s Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC).

Key ideas participants will take away from presentation:

1. How to build a flexible framework to identify a clear charge, expectations and schedule to meet your goals as well as tactics to invite, involve and engage a diverse group of community volunteers to serve on your advisory committee
2. Strategies to effectively communicate the work of your committee throughout the process to the School Board, staff, and the broader community to build awareness, trust, and credibility
3. Lessons learned along the way, including why this powerful yet intense outreach technique is worth your district’s time, effort, and energy

Speaker(s): Kit Dailey, Eppstein Uhen Architects, Inc.; Roger Rindo, Oconomowoc Area

Room/Facility: 103DE/Wisconsin Center

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