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2016 Iowa Biotech Showcase & Partnering for Growth Forum

March 30-31 | Ankeny, IA

2016 Iowa Biotech Showcase & Partnering for Growth Forum Banner Image

WHAT:  Partnering for Growth's Biotech Innovation Showcase is an investor conference that presents early- to mid-stage biotech companies to investors and industry leaders.  Since the mid-1990's, Iowa has been a center of innovation in the biotechnology industry and has received a worldwide reputation for harvesting technology and spaces for biotech companies to grow.  

This Forum focuses on multiple biotech industries active in the state of Iowa, including Food & Agriculture, Industrial & Environmental and Healthcare & Pharmaceutical. This event is a premier learning, collaborating and networking highlight for the biotech community.

WHERE: FFA Enrichment CenterDMACC Campus, Ankeny, IA

WHEN: March 30-31, 2016

WHO: Steve Holzhauer and Eric Slifer will be attending 

WHY: It is a great state to locate your company and invest your time and resources.  The Biotech Innovation Showcase offers an expert panel of judges and an opportunity for innovators to make presentations that address important topics including the development of biofuels and biomaterials; advances in food, ag and plant genetics; progress in animal health; as well as human health and medical technology.

Please join EUA's team to talk about the opportunities EUA has to offer!

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