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Looking Forward 2018

Within a creative community like Denver’s, looking forward is best accomplished together.

The romanticized myth of the solitary genius makes for some admittedly compelling imagery and anecdote, but in the end, it’s collaboration and collective vision—the forces of our shared passions—that drive progress in a city as rapidly expanding as this one. In that spirit, we are thrilled to begin this new year by introducing you to a series of designers, architects, and creatives from across Denver who have shared with us their hopes and anticipations for 2018. Over the next several weeks, we will acquaint you with the remarkable amalgam of energy and perspective that make up our creative community, all anchored in one central fact: we have a lot to look forward to. View all Looking Forward 2018 portraits and remarks here

Associate Principal // BURKETT EUA
“This is a year to re-engage – How can we push design to look backwards at the basic fundamental human needs and to create inspirational environments that enhance meaningful relationships?”

Principal // BURKETT EUA
“I’m excited about the growing movement towards inclusivity. I’m looking forward to designing spaces that cultivate and celebrate diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, and work styles. To me, being inclusive is the key to life and the key to great office culture!”

Modern In Denver

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