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La Follette Senior Makes Their Mark on School Construction Blueprints

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As La Follette High School student Tay Dean begins their senior year, the impact they have made on the school community can be measured–literally. Throughout the summer, Tay interned with Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA), the architecture group working with Findorff on the school referendum construction projects. 

This hands-on experience gave Tay the opportunity to review the blueprints for the same school they have walked through for years. They also pitched design ideas for the brand-new concession stands.

“It is really cool to see each step of how the school is changing in general,” Tay said. “But being able to see it at my own school is even better because I have an idea of how it is really going to be used, and how much students are going to enjoy the new space.” 

Tay isn’t the only student who put their fingerprint on blueprints; East High School senior Tommy Pinkston and West High School senior CJ Collette recently joined a Youth Apprenticeship program with Findorff, as they support crews with their own high school referendum projects. 

Through Findorff and EUA internships, students are getting real-world experiences, Cedric Hodo, MMSD’s Sr. Executive Director of Operations said he’s grateful for the opportunity the Findorff and EUA internships bring students.

“Students gain essential life skills, such as how to approach challenges, effectively communicate, and collaborate with teams," Hodo said. “This real-world experience gives students the ability to explore future career opportunities and start preparing for a career while still in high school.”

Tay’s hardwork and dedication during their EUA summer internship is experienced by the whole La Follette community this week, as students and staff enjoy the new renovations.

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