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Evaluation determines WI has most-cost-effective energy efficiency program in U.S.

The state’s energy efficiency program is being touted as the most cost-effective in the country.

Focus on Energy works with residents and businesses to install energy efficient and renewable energy projects. A federal study found that “Focus on Energy” achieved the highest rate of energy savings per dollar spent.

Over the 4-year program evaluation, “Focus on Energy” accounted for 29 million tons of avoided carbon dioxide — this would equivalent of taking 6 million cars off the road for a year.

“We’re doing all of these things so that we can continue to run a cost effective program for people across the state and so that Wisconsin can maintain its standing as a leader in energy efficiency,” said Focus on Energy Program Director Erinn Monroe-Nye.

Focus on Energy is involved with the building of the new Verona Area High School. A geothermal energy system is being installed into the new high school. Data shows that this will create an energy savings of about 42% a year compared to installing baseline equipment.

“After commissioning is done and a year or two goes by the metrics will continue to come back,” said Abie Khatchadourian with Eppstein Uhen Architects. “We’ll have that as a guideline so that for future projects we can make incremental changes to the strategies based on the data received.”

The construction of the high school is on schedule and is expected to be wrapped up in a year from now.


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