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Closer Look At New Verona Area High School

Closer Look At New Verona Area High School Banner Image

It's an estimated $181 million school and the public got a sneak peak at what it may look like when it's completed in 2020.

"It's nearly 600,000 square feet, it's got a four station field house with an indoor track, it has a competition 8-lane swimming pool," said architect Chris Michuad. 

"This will be one of the most forward thinking schools that I've seen in the nation when we're completed with it," he added. 

The school will offer student options of different study settings and classrooms. Some will be geared to group work and others to individualized work. A top priority of the school is to make sure it's prepared for future population growth. 

Verona Area High School now hosts 1,600 students and district administrators say it's overcrowded. 

The new campus will be built on an 106 acre lot behind West End Circle in Verona. 

"It's built for 2,200 right now on day one when it opens, and expands to 2,500." said Superintendent Dean Gorrell as he explained the school will be built to where more rooms and construction can be added on as the area grows. 

The school's window centric design will set it apart from others in the area, also creating what the district calls a better educational atmosphere.

"Increasing the amount of daylight has a tremendous affect on the mood of people and productivity of people -- not just teenagers but the adults in the building, too," said Gorrell. 

The school will also have two softball fields and two baseball fields, a new football stadium and eight-lane aquatic center. 

Construction in the area is set to begin sometime next March.

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Hunter Saenz

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