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Designing offices that foster connection in an increasingly technology-driven telecommunication world

As the telecommunications industry continues to advance and experience rapid innovation, we take pride in our commitment to staying at the forefront of these developments. We’ve built solid relationships with multiple telecommunications companies over the years, listening to and learning the challenges of building connection and infrastructure over multiple offices across the US and world. Attracting, engaging and retaining talent in this ultra-competitive industry is an important factor for continued success; our team understands the importance of designing technology-infused collaborative environments that build camaraderie and spur innovation across a multitude of departments. By designing tailored workspace solutions designed around departmental needs while creating adjacencies across the marketing/sales, engineers, IT, call center and other departments, we can help provide a cohesive, unified and flexible environment for all employees.

*Denotes projects completed by EUA acquired firms

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Heather Turner Loth
Business Development Practice Leader : Associate
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