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Living Architecture


Designing environments that become home

We are passionate about designing living environments that exceed our clients’ expectations; creating appealing communities that feature inviting amenities tailored to attract residents of all ages from millennials and students to empty nesters and seniors. With experience in student housing, mixed-use and senior living environments, EUA is skilled at delivering a welcoming, comfortable home while being smart about utilizing past experience that easily adapts to market conditions.

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Scott Kindess
Lining Environments Studio Director

Living Architecture Markets

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Living Expertise

Urban Infill

Urban infill is like a game of Tetris - fitting the pieces together to make a building that benefits all of its tenants.

Historic Preservation

Historic buildings play a meaningful role in establishing a sense of place and community. When renovations are approached thoughtfully, they can provide dynamic spaces that provide these iconic buildings with purpose for years to come.

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