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Learning Architecture


Partnering to plan, design and create innovative spaces that enhance modern teaching and learning

EUA partners with schools and school districts across Wisconsin and Colorado to create learning environments that maximize the potential of students, staff and communities. Working closely with our school partners we design safe, secure, flexible and collaborative educational spaces that support your vision and curricular goals.

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Learning Expertise

Flexible Learning Environments

Creating an active learning environment for your students can improve student engagement and, ultimately, student performance and staff engagement. EUA is your partner in finding creative solutions that are tailor-made for your students and staff.

Facilities Planning

Planning strategically for the short and long-term care of your facilities is important to the future of your district. EUA is your trusted partner in developing a master plan that will serve as a road map for years to come.

Historic Preservation

Historic buildings play a meaningful role in establishing a sense of place and community. When renovations are approached thoughtfully, they can provide dynamic spaces that provide these iconic buildings with purpose for years to come.

Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding and anticipation of client needs ensures that clients are meeting expectations to inform, engage and respond to broad community interests throughout pre-design and project planning phases.

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