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Industrial Architecture

Designing highly secured spaces to help you reach new heights

Our teams are well-versed in the complexities of designing for aerospace facilities as well as creating engaging office environments for your workforce. With experience working within the stringent requirements for high security and aerospace facilities, we are sensitive to the integration of architecture, complex systems, protocol management and security needs. Seeking creative and efficient solutions, we draw from our repository of knowledge in the critical issues of flexibility, functionality and financial viability to help our clients make informed decisions for today and tomorrow.

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Ryan Wallace
Denver Studio Director
303.256.1149 |

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Aerospace Expertise

Workplace for Engineers

EUA understands that the ideal work environment for engineers is difficult to accommodate in a typical space program. These environments must meet employers’ desires while accommodating engineer needs to attract and retain the best talent.

ICD 705

Our experienced team specializes in designing Sensitive Compartmental Information Facilities (SCIFs) of varying standards, including meeting ICD 705 specifications, by focusing on acoustic protection, a solid structure and secure furnishings.


From ISO 4 to ISO 8, EUA has designed numerous cleanrooms for a variety of government, academic and private companies. We will work with you to design a cleanroom for your company needs.

Aerospace Projects

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