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Innovation Labs + Innovation Centers

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Connecting people to the final product + one another

Innovation Labs and Innovation Centers are designed to provide a variety of benefits, from familiarizing customers with products to encouraging collaboration and new ideas from employees. Innovation Centers have a diverse range of uses, but typically showcase a product, service or idea in an interactive manner. With technology evolving at a faster rate than ever before, it is important to consider how fast a space can become outdated. The design needs to seamlessly integrate technology with flexibility for advances.

These immersive spaces support internal R&D efforts, while also allowing customers to simulate product use and real-world scenarios to see potential uses and solutions. Innovation Labs and Innovation Centers invite people in to provide their opinions, ultimately leading to engaging conversations that improve a company's ideas. When designed and integrated successfully these spaces aid in developing the company's brand as a whole, while establishing a better understanding of the company's vision.

See some examples of Innovation Centers + Innovation Labs:

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