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Fueling innovation and sparking connections

Collaboration has the power to encourage and foster innovation. It plays a major role in today’s science and technology industries. The need for innovative and collaborative spaces is accelerated by talented scientists coming from contemporary academic models where problem solving happens in team environments, allowing for the cross-pollination of disciplines.

In addition to collaborative areas, scientists also need space to focus. Some labs and science facilities are noisy and dynamic with researchers collaborating right at the bench. Quiet and well-lit spaces away from, but near the labs, are sometimes essential for scientists to exchange ideas with a smaller group, take a phone call or focus on heads-down work. There is also a trend away from programmed “huddle spaces” along corridors and toward more general-purpose amenities like coffee bars.

Research on the sociology of buildings indicates that people gravitate to the interaction spaces they prefer, so many of our clients favor that we provide a wide variety of spaces to encourage social activity. By having a mix of spaces that encourage different working models and devoting more space for informal gathering that spark spontaneous intellectual collisions, science + technology facilities can support the psychological well-being of staff. Comfortable furniture, markerboards, access to technology, exposure to daylight and availability of shared resources invite people to socially engage and connect.