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Biotechnology Research Facilities

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Developing laboratories that can morph as technology applications + equipment evolve

Biotechnology firms are leading the way in providing breakthrough products and technologies from healthcare devices to vaccines available to patients. Harnessing biomolecular and cellular processes that improve our lives and the health of our planet is a constantly evolving industry. Innovative research has the power to create industries that fuel the nation’s economy.

For scientists working in the laboratories that conduct this research, the spaces need to be adaptable to the continually evolving technologies. Specialized research and development equipment may need to be replaced occasionally, and while many instruments are physically shrinking in size, some could require more space. Future-thinking planning and programming with flexible and modular designs can allow for the accommodation of changing needs and equipment. At the forefront of any laboratory design is safety and ensuring that materials and equipment can be handled, maintained or disposed of properly.

At the same time, automation and computer modeling is transforming the way discoveries are made and the time spent in the laboratory itself. Some of the best innovations and disruptions are sparked when individuals are able to connect and collaborate with each other and across disciplines. Common amenity spaces allow for casual conversations and spontaneous interactions outside of the lab while open laboratories provide an environment for multiple teams to work within the same space.