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Student Housing: Building an Inclusive Culture

As students leave home and embark on their college journey, it is important to foster a welcoming and inclusive culture on campuses. Starting with student housing, EUA designs spaces that are safe, accessible and facilitate academic and social success while feeling like a home away from home. Current research stresses the positive impact that housing has on each student. Supporting the development of a community aids in heightened levels of performance, thus allowing a university to equip its graduates for their future. 

Designing a residence hall that seamlessly incorporates Universal Design solutions helps create an inclusive environment for all students. At UW-Whitewater’s newest residence hall, Universal Design concepts were implemented such as making entrances and routes accessible, creating inclusive gathering and seating areas, wayfinding cues throughout the space and individual lighting and heating/cooling control. This new residence hall builds on the school’s mission and establishes a culture of awareness and accessibility that ultimately enhances student success.

UW-Madison’s Leopold Residence Hall was designed to accommodate all students including those interested in living and learning sustainably. This building is home to a fourth-floor greenhouse for students in the GreenHouse Learning Community to grow their food. With kitchens on each floor, the students are able to cook the food that they grow. This five story residence hall with LEED Gold certification supports the needs of the students and university.    

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