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Assisted Living

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Designing memorable + financially sustainable assisted living campuses

Each assisted living project is endowed with a unique set of parameters and goals by which success can be measured. These invariably include, among others, financial viability and sustainability, an environment that contributes to operational efficiencies and an environment that allows residents to thrive.

This team and its individual members have created award-winning assisted living environments while helping to support and achieve our clients’ goals. More importantly, each environment for seniors we create is easily recognized as home to residents and a comfortable, inviting workplace to staff.

Combining our talent in understanding project goals, our broad knowledge base garnered through extensive research and numerous years of hands-on experience in assisted living design provides our clients, and their projects, with the best available and most timely solutions. It has also provided team members with a passion for assisted living and compassion for residents as well as the desire to decrease resident loneliness, diminish resident health co-morbidities and increase resident dietary intake, all through the design of a home for residents. That same passion is also focused on the creation of an environment where staff enjoy providing the care and services for which they’ve been trained and where staff retention and recruitment is improved.